Volos is a commercial and industrial city; it is Greece's third-largest port. Much of it has been rebuilt after a severe earthquake in 1955. The location in the gulf of the same name and near scenic Mount Pelion ensures this town an attractive setting. Interesting sites in the surrounding areas include imposing monasteries perched atop craggy mountains and a fine Archaeological Museum.

Volos was founded in the 14th century in an area which has been occupied by man since the Neolithic era. A short distance out of Volos, the second millennium saw the establishment of the Mycenaen city of Iolkos, seat of King Pelias and home of his nephew Jason, who sailed from here with the Argonauts. Remains of Mycenaen buildings have been discovered near the river, where a palace stood around 1400 B.C.

The main reason visitors come to Volos is to depart on excursions to the monasteries of Meteora. Their lofty position atop gigantic pinnacles makes them the area's foremost attraction.
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